Monday, December 22, 2008

SoftwareLode has now created two new sections on its website. A free screensavers section and a free wallpaper section have been included. Both sections that lists hundred of high-quality screensavers and wallpapers available for free download.

A large preview of each screensaver is shown with up to 10 on each page. Each section is updated more or less daily, so visit SoftwareLode and check it out.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Traditionally, Microsoft don't have a reputation for giving away free software. More recently however, Microsoft have produced free Express versions of their Visual Studio programming IDE.

The Express versions are cutdown versions of the full Visual Studio packages. In the Express versions some features have been scaled back, e.g. debugging and refactoring capabilities. However, the Express software still remain extremely useful for the casual software developer, especially those looking for a low cost way of learning about software development.
Visual C# 2008 Express edition has added support for WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) as well as development of applications using Microsoft's SQL Server database technology.
Support for web-based applications has also been enhanced with the addition of C4F (Coding4Fun) developer toolkits as well as the Facebook Developer Toolkit. Even though Visual Studio Express ships with a cutdown version of the MSDN document, the full documentation can still be accessed online.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Companies today are faced with an increasing battle to secure their information, whether its accessible via the internet or from users on their networks.

IT Mangers are also faced with problems trying to find staff capable to organising data in a way which is both powerful and easy to implement. Recruiting staff to create database systems is also particularly difficult. However, this isn't a new problem.

Therefore companies have lots of old MS Access database which they want to use today and staff with limited MS Access skills. Providing security for these database can be costly, both in time and expertise.

MDBSecure 2009 - released by Mindwarp Consultancy Ltd, has been created for this purpose.

It takes minutes to add security to MS Access database and no expertise is required.

For more information please see

If you are looking for a free, but still very capable accounting sofware package, look no further than Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2008. In recent years Microsoft has been releasing Express versions of it's leading software titles and now it's the turn of Microsoft Accounting.

Even though it's free, Accounting Express is still stuffed with features and is ideal for a home-based business or a small business with 1 or 2 employees. The software includes integration with a number of online financial institutions as well as eBay and is ideally suited to an e-commerce business. Of course, the essential features of invoicing, estimates and payment tracking are included as well as handy cashflow management features.

As you'd expect with software from the biggest PC software developer, if your needs outgrow the Express version, you can upgrade seamlessly to the full version of Microsoft Accounting. To get you started with the Express version, you can import data from QuickBooks and even Microsoft's own Money package.

Microsoft doesn't have a reputation for producing small packages however: be prepared to download over 320Mb to get Accounting Express. And, of course, Microsoft want you to purchase some software - to use Microsoft Accounting Express, you need to have purchased the 2007 versions of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel as well as Business Contact Manager.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A new invoice software has been released that handles multiple companies in a single invoice package. SliQTools already have an easy to use invoice software called SliQ Invoicing and Quoting. Until now SliQ handled invoicing for a single company. Now a new package called SliQ Invoicing and Quoting MC is available.

SliQ MC includes all the features of the original version - allowing you to produce professional invoices and quotes in seconds but lets you switch from one company to another with a single mouse-click.

If you are interested in improving your Google PageRank and increasing your performance in SERPS, try submitting your website to the many free web directories on the internet. If you want to try out a good, free, easy-to-use tool for submitting your websites to directories, try downloading SliQTool's directory submission software, SliQ Submitter.

What does SliQ Submitter do? Well it's a semi-automatic tool that helps you speed up submitting your websites to directories. SliQ Submitter lists over 2000 web directories and steps you through submitting your website details, directory by directory. When a new directory submit page is loaded, SliQ prefills the fields with your website details. SiQ learns the categories you choose as you submit to directories - the more you submit to, the better chance SliQ has of automatically finding a good category to prefill for you when a new directory is loaded.

Here are a few hints on how to get the most out of submitting your website to a directory.

When you submit to directories you need to specify a good title for your website listing. The title will often be used as the anchor text for the link to your site. If you want to improve search engine performance for a specific set of keywords, use those keyword in the title given to the directory when submitting.

You will also need to provide a good description of your website - about 200 to 300 words. As with the title, you should aim to include good keywords relevant to your website.

Always remember that the directory owner will review your submission before accepting your website into the directory. Resist the temptation to write spammy titles and descriptions. Even though you need to include good keywords, the title still needs to be understandable by the human editor.

Another thing to bear in mind is that you should vary the title and description from directory to directory; if you keep the title and description the same, Google may not index all copies as some will be treated as duplicates.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


“Available Now”
UltimateDefrag 2008

The world's most powerful and flexible defragger and hard drive optimizer has just become even more powerful and more flexible.

Reprogrammed and recoded almost from scratch with a new graphical user interface, a faster defrag engine and even more powerful and flexible file selection options, UltimateDefrag 2008 takes defragmentation and more importantly, file placement optimization, to the next level.

We're excited about it and we're sure you are too.

Here are just just some of the things done in UltimateDefrag 2008:


New Graphical User Interface
Not only is UltimateDefrag better, it's now also "prettier". The GUI display also provides you with more information on the defrag in progress since we like to sit there and watch UltimateDefrag do its magic.


Faster Defrag Engine
The already-fast defrag engine is now up to 30 to 100 % faster as a result of several new and intelligent file moving techniques including nearest free space placement which can more than half the time it takes to move files, preemptive space clearing, and minimal file movement algorithms. With the additional progress indicator on the new GUI you will be able to clearly see the increased speed at which files are moved.

Other enhanced defrag engine features such as the "Very Fast Placement" feature completes the archive and high performance phases of the defrag up to 1000% faster and doesn't move a single byte of data more than it has to.

Other features of the defrag engine have been specifically developed to address virtually any mix of files on your hard drive. Drives that may contain very large files such as large AVI videos and large images are handled with ease. By setting specific options, the program will not move these files unless it absolutely has to.


High Performance File Placement In Just Minutes
The time is reduced it takes to place High Performance Files by as much as 1000%. If you're only interested in keeping your High Performance Files in their position for maximum PC performance, High Performance File Placement is completed in just minutes and often times in seconds.


More File Placement Options
New options and ways to place your files. Make your archive files either go to the inner tracks or just inside your High Performance data. Move only High Performance data, ignore the rest and enjoy fast defrags with a highly optimized file placement. Whatever you want to do - whatever way you want to do it... you can... and fast too.

File selection screen allows you to modify speed of file placement. You can even select files by wildcard or even specify how much data you want to remain as High Performance data. UltimateDefrag will in this instance keep your 30 Gb of most frequently used data in the High Performance zone.


More File Selection Options
You can now use wildcards to select High Performance or Archive files. This technique couldn't be easier to select all of your movie or MP3 files or $NTUNINSTALL Folders and put them to archive. And there's a number of other powerful ways to choose the files you want performance from or simply want out of the way.


Many More Under The Hood Improvements
We've also performed a number of under-the-hood improvement to make UltimateDefrag even more stable and efficient.


Hard Drive Performance Still The #1 Priority
We talk of all these new features but is this product still achieving #1 priority of increasing hard drive performance? Well that's the point... the answer is a big YES! What we've done with the new features and technologies in UltimateDefrag 2008 is to "further" speed up hard drive performance and have developed ways to achieve it even faster with much faster defrags and with even less movement of files during the process.

Click here to find out more

Myth Busted!
And we just wish to make this VERY IMPORTANT POINT AGAIN point again... all other defraggers are just defraggers... they focus only on defragging files. If you are using any other defrag product besides UltimateDefrag (with the exception of one other product*) - regardless of what you believe or what you are told - you are not achieving any significant increase in hard drive performance.

If you have a few fragmented files (or even a reasonably large number) on your hard drive, just defragging them will only give you a small improvement in hard drive performance.

Just defragging files is only 30% of the hard drive performance improvement equation. The other 70% comes from where your files are placed on your hard drive. This is called file placement optimization. UltimateDefrag 2008 is the only "File Placement Optimizer" available on the planet and the ONLY way to achieve true hard drive performance improvement by defragging and strategically placing your key files. Only UltimateDefrag can do that for you with the control, power and flexibility that it gives you.

UltimateDefrag is the leading (and only) product with this (Patent Pending) approach to defragging and file placement optimization and the new upcoming 2008 version makes it many times more powerful than before.